How to manage entire organization documents with E-Securus?

How to manage entire organization documents with E-Securus?

Is your office getting cluttered with physical records? Bringing you the most dependable document management software available to you online, E-Securus!

By digitizing your entire stockpile of data and records, you will be able to search for, access, and retrieve these items quickly, easily, and at a very reasonable cost.

A pioneer in the field of document management, E-Securus file management software helps organizations achieve smart digitization, complete file management, efficient data storage and management, and other helpful document management services, like audit trails, OCR, and check-in/out features.
You can manage your organization's documents using the following document management solutions:

All types of files can be managed in the DMS Software due to its user-friendly design. With it, you can easily upload and update videos, audio files, or manage files and sheets of data.

Tracking Audits
The tool allows you to check the history of a document. In that case, you'll be able to tell who added, deleted, and who edited it.

Check-in and Check-out
Edited the document? Do you plan to upload to DMS again? We make it easy for you to check-in and out by providing the Check-in and Check-out feature. These attributes can easily be uploaded during an edit of a file, seamlessly.

Safety & Security
E-Securus is a cloud-based document management company. Everything you store, retrieve, update, share and manage will be end-to-end encrypted. You may be concerned about security. This software understands. However, all data is backed up and is only accessible by authorized users, which takes us to our next feature! 

Discretionary File Disinheritance Option
If you do not want to inherit your document during the uploading process, you can disinherit. Individuals who have disinherited the file cannot access it.

The Bottom Line
Boost your operational efficiency & increase your productivity by digitizing your organization's records, going paperless, and reducing your office space.