If you would like to download a folder or file available on the list view, you just need to click the Download icon available on the right side of the respective resource.

As and when you do the same, the respective files will be downloaded the way it is. When it comes to Folders, it will be archived to Zip file. After this it will be downloaded. All this happens really quick.

Multiple Download

If you would download multiple files all at one go, you just need to mark files with a checkbox available on the left side. After you have checked all the files, you need to click on the Download icon available on the toolbar.

If you want to download multiple files at a time, mark the resources with a checkbox on the left side and then click the ‘Download’ button on the toolbar.

As and when you do the same, all the files get converted to a Zip file. After it is archived, it will be downloaded.

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File Downloading

Downloading Option

File download done