Granting Account Level Access

You can also give access to some people on every resource you have in the system. Right from folders, files, and other sections can be accessed by other peoples under your account. This is acknowledged as account-level access. This type of access is generally given to owners or management of the respective company. 

Whether you are sharing with individuals or with user groups, you can also consider going for the expiration of the respective access. In fact, you will also have the option to choose amidst different permission levels, take a look:

  • Preview — When it comes to preview, it is the only permission that helps you have complete access to your account so you will be able to check with all the files, folders, and sections under it. But, you will not be able to modify, download, or add anything to the respective account. 
  • Viewer — When it comes to the Viewer, you will have the attributes in the form of Preview & Download permission as well. The collaborators and users will be able to preview the files and download them as per their specific needs that are under your account. 
  • Editor — This is exclusively administrator-level permission that will help the users modify the files, folders, and other segments that belong to the system under your account. It means they will have the permission to control your entire account and perform all the actions they would want to. From modifying the resources to deleting or removing the files, the users will be able to perform these actions.

When it comes to the payee account, it remains the same original account and the status of this account just cannot be transferred or shared.