Is E-Securus DMS secure?

When it comes to security, E-Securus DMS has covered all the bases and ensures that there is no gap to stress about. You can completely trust our DMS system as it has been well supported by encrypted triple backed-up storage and bank-level 256-bit encrypted EV SSL connection. So, you can be certain that your data is complete security-approved.

Prioritizing Safety 

For us, the privacy and safety of our customers’ data have always been the priority. We understand that a single security glitch can lead to trust issues and it might cause a whole lot of damage. So, we have gone the distance and made sure that every single box has been ticked that ensures that the client data is completely secure. We have security measurements in place to cover all business sectors. 

SSL Encryption

Our network facilities are completely protected. All public and internal networks are covered over SSL encryption. We have a complete track of all the login attempts to our systems but, you can be assured that the developers working do not have any access to your data. So, all your information will be confidential and only accessible to the ones you have permitted or authorized.

S3 Service

When it comes to file storage facilities, we use the S3 service. This feature comes with 99.999999999% durability of objects. Each and every object is located in three separate zones physically. The daily transaction and snapshot log data are backed up in real-time and you can have it restored any time at your convenience. 

Customized Policy

You can also imply your own password policy. This means that you can have the passwords of your choice being used in the system by your team members. You can have set time for mandatory modification of the password for all the users so that there is no chance of any hassle in the future. 

This all we bring into play when it comes to security and privacy. To know more, connect with us now!