Rearranging Files and Folders

When it comes to rearranging files in the E-Securus DMS system, you can do the same by following two steps: 

One with the use of Drag and drop option and the other with folder selection. Let’s take a look at how:

1 – When you take your mouse pointer to any of the given files or folders present in the list, you will see a dotted drag icon appear. You just need to tap on that and hold it with your left mouse button. You just need to take it to destinations it is possible in the respective DMS System. After you drag the file to the final destination, you need to release the mouse button and the file will get located in its new space. You can do the same to multiple by selecting them all together and dragging them to your preferred location in the system. All at once will be located without any hassle. 

2 – At first you need to click on a file and then select MODIFY available on the toolbar. You need to find the location where the current address of the file is being displayed. You need to click on it and the folder structure will be opened where you need to select a new location so that it can be saved there as per your needs. After it has been done make sure to click on the Save button so that the changes are saved. This option only works well for the files and not for the folders. 

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Re-arranging Files and Folders

Go to Upload

Use Drag and Drop by using right click of mouse button to pick file

Release the right click mouse pointer to Choose button to upload the file

Now file uploaded successfully with Drag and Drop