When it comes to Searching, there are two types of modes in E-Securus and they are :

Live Search and Deep Search

When it comes to LiveSearch, it gives you live results instantly as and when you are typing something to research in the respective input field. This is done without even clicking the Search button. But, you will have the results that are stored in metadata or file name during the time of live search as and when you are typing.

When it comes to Deep Search, it can be accessed when you tap on the Search button with a magnifying glass as an icon. Here the search process will be conducted through the content of the file as well and this is possible because of the Optical Character Recognition technology. The deep search is basically OCR powered that helps you find your terms through content available on PDF, Docx, and various other files that also include JPG and PNG. You will also be able to modify the settings of your document’s language that will help you with your OCR search.

If you dig deep into this OCR search mode, you will also be able to filter the result that has been displayed according to your needs. This means if you want the result to show on the file names, you can do the same with ease. To filter your search, you just need to clock on the Advanced Search button and you will find more refinement tools right there. It will allow you to search according to file extensions, date range, signers, tags, and various other aspects.

You will be able to understand the search results by their file name, score, and date by tapping on the column titles.

You can reorganize the search results by file name, date, and score by clicking on the column titles.

The score will reflect the search confidence through OCR technology. This means that the higher the score will be the chances of the search query existing in the respective file and folder. As this technology is more like artificial intelligence. This technology has functionalities that interpret characters as it scans through the content available in the file.

You can also exclude your account from opting for OCR indexing. You can do the same by first going to Manage Accounts and then from there you will have to go to Setting and then you can rename and uncheck the File Indexing checkbox.

You will also be able to download the files right from the search results itself. Not only this, but you will also be able to share the resources and preview the files with the help of your search result itself. To know more about, you can always reach out to us!


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