Setting Up Reminders

If you would like to be reminded about any particular action related to the ESecurus DMS system, you can use the reminder function available in it. There is a facility in the respective DMS System to help you get alerts as per your given specifications. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a reminder on ESecurus DMS system:


  • You need to click on the file or folder for which you would like to set up a reminder. 
  • After this, you need to click on the Remind button available on the toolbar. Or, you can also add new reminder text and select the date and time you would like it to trigger. 
  • You need to choose an email ID where you like the respective reminder to be sent. Your email address will be there by default but, you can also get it modified. 
  • On the available Message field, you can add a custom reminder text. 
  • As and when you have provided all the details related to the reminder, you can confirm the same. 

The reminder will now send an alert to your email address as per your given time and date. If you would like to have any more support on this section, connect with us now!

Setting up reminder

Put Expiry Days with Reminder