Started Registration

You can signup with us and register yourself for a 30 day free trial of our E-Securus Document Management System

The email address that you will be using to sign-up or register will be taken as your user name and will be the owner and administrator of the respective account. It is recommended that you use a generic email address while getting yourself registered like info@yourcompany.domain, finance@yourcompany.domain, etc. This is because if the person leaves the company, there is no need to change the user name at all. The first user of your system will also be the user account that will manage the billing section for the system subscription.

To make things more clear, below mentioned are a few of the things that you must keep in mind while registering yourself to our E-Securus DMS system, check it out:

Registration: Firstly, it is highly recommended that the first user must register with generic emails as stated above or you can also choose anything as per your preference. But, it is important that you make sure that the email address does exist and you are actually receiving emails in the given ID. This email address will become the owner of the company’s account in our DMS system and overall subscription. 

Adding Users: Now you will also be able to add users to the team in your DMS system. If you want, you can also add yourself as a part of your team with the name@yourcompany.domain which is regularly in use. You can give this id the admin-level access after you have registered yourself as a user. After this, you can use the account with your own name regularly and use the registered one for payments and as the owner of the respective DMS account Even if due to any reason you leave the company, your generic account can remain the same and your personal account as a user can be removed. 

You also give other users complete administrator responsibilities of the account or you can restrict the actions as per your needs. 

What If The Trial Period Is Completed?

As and when the trial period of your DMS setup is completed, your paid plan will not start automatically. You will have to make a choice for it deliberately if you like the service. You will have to share the payment details and upgrade to a subscription making sure that there is no data loss and your account is upgraded the way you were using in the trial version.  

As and when the trial period will get over, the data will not be deleted automatically. But, yes you will not be able to use the attributes anymore to modify or change the data or anything else. You can though manually get your data removed by getting the field and folders deleted and also clearing the recycle bin.

To know more about the registration process and tips, feel free to connect with us!


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