Uploading Files

You will be able to upload any kind of file in our E-Securus DMS system. Whatever be the format or size, you can get it uploaded to the system. In fact, up to 50 GB single file is accepted in the respective system. 

When it comes to uploading your files, you need to first click on the Upload button and then attach the file that you need to bring in your system. You can also drag and drop files to the browser window directly. If there are multiple files to upload, you can upload all of them together as well. But, it is important that you remember that you will be able to upload the folders directly. You need to have the folder hierarchy created first in the E-Securus system and then upload the files right into it.

But, if you have a lot of folders and subfolders to deal with then what you can do is to get it all Zipped and have it uploaded on the system. After that, you can extract and expand the same in your E-Securus system without any difficulty at all. 

You will also be able to have your files imported through emails. You can send the files as an attachment and automatically you will have your file uploaded in the system.

To know more about the approach of the Uploading file, do not hesitate to connect with our team!

Option for File Upload

After File selection it will display the file name

Document Basic Search option

Advance Search Option

After Search it display your file name