E-Securus Document Management System

Documents are predominantly in electronic form in this Information age. There is an inevitable need to control documents from creation to disposition in this highly competitive environment and with highest level of security. Loads and loads of documents are vital part of running any form of business. Even a small piece of document is important and must be house kept for several years. This results in complex, expensive, in-effective, storage, archival, retrieval problems. In addition to this, documents are predominantly in electronic form in this Information age. There is an inevitable need to control documents from creation to disposition in this highly competitive environment and with highest level of security.


E-securus Features

Rich Media

The DMS system has been designed in such a way that it makes it easy to manage all types of files. Whether you are uploading video or audio files or managing it, it allows you to do it with ease.

Audit Trails

It will help you check with trails of a particular document. So, you will know who added it, who deleted, to who made the changes. It will help you get an understanding of whom to connect to discuss the reasons behind their actions.

Required Page Download

You will be able to download the page you would like right on your local hard disk or system without any difficulty whatsoever. You can select the page you want to download from many pages and have it downloaded with ease.

Disinherit option for confidential files

During the time of uploading your documents, you will be able to disinherit your file. The file that has been disinherited will not be viewed by any other individuals. It will need your authorization to have complete access to the files.

Create a Task for External or Internal

With the help of this only DMS system, you will be able to create tasks for Internal and external users as per their specific fields. You will also be able to track the status of the tasks from any part of the world. In fact, you can also set a deadline for the task so it becomes easy for the user to deliver the same accordingly.

Time Limit & Expiry of Files

You will be able to set a time limit for the files as well. It will expire after the end of the set time limit. After the file is expired it will not be accessible to any individual at all.

Local Backup

With our DMS, you will have your documents stored in a secure cloud bubble. It is completely safe and will not be in the hands of any unauthorized body. If you desire, you can have all the files downloaded and create a local backup for your satisfaction as well. So, things will surely become easy for you to be confident about everything being organized.


If you are afraid of not being missing out on the deadline or skipping the meeting, how about setting a reminder? Well, you can use this feature of DMS online and give yourself an extra remembering hand. It will give you reminders on your email and help you remain on track all the time.

Check-in and Check Out

Made some changes in the document? Thinking about uploading to the DMS system again? Our Check-in and Check out attribute will make it easy for you. You can easily upload the file with these attributes while making an edit on your systems. So, it's a seamless process that keeps everything updated without any difficulty.

Safe & Secure

The data in DMS is completely safe and secure. We understand the security fear you might have in your mind. But, the data is backed up every single data and is only accessible to the ones who are authorized to it. In fact, the software is configured with Computer System Validation (CSV) facility. It is infused with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 with IQ,OQ,DQ. It also has hosted an Azure Data Centre that brings in the attributes like high security and firewall system in the play. So, you can breathe easy with your data being completely protected in our DMS systems online.

Search With OCR

The first user-friendly attribute it gives you is its in-build search engine. With the help of this feature, you will be able to search your files with ease. You can access your file not only by typing the name or keyword related to it but also through OCR technology. From PDFs, Docx files, to photos and images, you can have it searched without any fuss whatsoever.

Have Your Secret Assistant In This User-Friendly DMS System

Are you thinking about how to escape your critical business documents from drive failure, flood, fire, or theft? Well, DMS or Data Management System has to be your answer! It can help you have your documents safe and secure from any kind of attack. In fact, it will also help you have your files accessed from any place remotely. So, things do get user-friendly with DMS. To make it more clear and convincing, below mentioned are a few of the features that will surely be a great addition to have for your business.

About E-Securus

We have been serving with the name of Securus Records management Pvt. Ltd. since 2005 as one of the best documents and Record Management Companies in the country. We always worked with a vision of building an efficient record management system to help businesses have their data safe and secure. So, now after 15 years of hard work, we have taken our services to the next level in the name of E-Securus DMS.

E-Securus DMS has been built to provide businesses around the world complete security to their confidential and work documents. We are focused on serving you with a platform that will allow you to keep your data securely with a list of added benefits that will make your business operation seamless.