About E-Securus

Since 2005 Securus Records Management Pvt. Limited has been one of the best document and records management company in the country. We have been committed with the vision of building an efficient record management system to help businesses keep their data safe and secure. Now, after 15 years of hard work, we have taken our services to the next level with the launch of E-Securus DMS.

E-Securus DMS has been built to provide businesses around the world with complete security of their organizations documents. We are focused on serving you with a platform that keeps your data secured along with added benefits that make your business operations seamless

E-Securus DMS not only serves as a backup but also makes your work process a lot more secure and easy to manage

Customized To Your Business's Needs

The E-Securus DMS team will ensure that the system is suited for your business approach and customized as per your specific requirements. Our team can create custom solutions that fit your organizations document management and document safety needs, making the DMS user friendly and tailor made for your business.

Save Time And Money

We will understand your business approach and ensure that our DMS system is able to resolve all your business hurdles. We will help you have your DMS solution specialized in such a way that it will save you money and time when it comes to integration, deployment, system migration, and business process execution.

Easy To Use

Designed with the objective of helping our customers with easy document management, using the E-Securus DMS doesn’t required any kind of technical capabilities or understanding. With an extremely short on boarding process and ease of use, E-Securus DMS can be integrated into your organization in a matter of days.