Privacy Policy

ESecurus DMS ("we", "our '', and "us") completely respects its user’s privacy rights and knows how important it is to take good care of it by providing it the deserving security practices in accordance with the law.

Here at the Privacy Policy page, we help you understand how your provided details are managed and used by ESecurus DMS. Not only this, but we will also help you with details about the rights you get related to your personal data taken into usage by ESecurus DMS.

This privacy policy also applies to details that we get when you access or use the services available at, services, products, or app (acknowledged collectively as “Services”).

Sharing and Disclosing

When it comes to personal details, we are not sharing or disclosing any of it to third persons until and unless the disclosure of the information is allowed by legal bases. Or else, you have complete control of all the details that you consider to disclose or give access to other users or third parties.

When you consider using our collaboration attributes that will be supporting sharing information with third parties, we will share and disclose all of it with the ones you are collaborating with.


We are taking the best measures to ensure that your personal information is completely safeguarded. But, we are not taking guarantee that the information while being transferred through the Internet or when it is stored on our systems will be completely safe from attacks by hackers.

So, it is important that you must take all measures possible to secure your account and its data from any such possibilities. You can do the same by encrypting your account as well. It is completely your responsibility to make sure that the password and any other confidential data is not disclosed to anyone else.

You must log out or shut down the browser when you are not using the respective software. We will not be asking you to share your confidential data like passwords through call or email. You must not entertain such calls because this can breach the security and cause harm to your data.

Period Of Data Storage

We, at ESecurus DMS, will store your data for as long as needed for the required purposes. So, your data will be on our system for the objectives it has were collected or might be longer if required by law. It completely depends on the agreement signed and as per the laws. The data is preserved for three years after the contractual relations have been terminated.


When it comes to cookies, these are small data files that are shared with your browser and exclusively get located on a hard drive of your system as and when you visit the respective source of the subject.

We are using functionality cookies. It is important to help you get the Site work exactly the way you want. There are some functionality cookies that are necessary to help you move around our Site and to use the respective functionalities and services.

You can always avert saving cookies to your system, by modifying the privacy settings nestled on your web browser.

Blocking all cookies might assist you to protect your privacy, but also it might restrict the ability to use our functionalities and service precisely.

Your Rights Related To Personal Data Processing

Take a look at the certain rights guaranteed by GDPR you get as an individual using the software:

  • 1. Right of access
  • 2. Right to erasure
  • 3. Right to rectification
  • 4. Right to data portability
  • 5. Right to restriction of processing
  • 6. Right to withdraw consent
  • 7. Right to object
  • 8. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
Modifications to the Privacy Policy

We might update the privacy policy on a regular basis as per the needs and laws. So, it is advisable to go through our privacy policy all the time whenever you are using our website for any specific purpose.

If you are having any issues with our privacy policy, then you can always connect with us and have your queries cleared.